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The Future Leaders in Coastal Science Award supports graduate and undergraduate student research on the coastal zone (both land and sea), including studies of natural and human-impacted systems. Supervised by a faculty member or researcher, each team will be led by a graduate student who will mentor two undergraduate students working on the project. The selected teams must tackle important problems, and their work must be well planned and integrated across the team members, with a clear explanation of what each member brings to the project.

Decisions will be announced by the week of Monday, December 2, 2019. The successful teams will be required to attend and make a presentation at an event celebrating student research later in the 2020–21 academic year.

Amount & use
Award amount: Two or three $20,000 team awards will be made this year.
How the funds may be used: Teams may use their award for any purpose associated with conducting or presenting the results of their research, such as travel, supplies, GSR support for the graduate student, or summer stipends that provide living expenses so students can conduct their work. Funds must be used by December 31, 2021.
The graduate and undergraduate students will most likely be earning a degree in the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences, the Division of Social Sciences, or the Baskin School of Engineering. All UC Santa Cruz students proposing to conduct coastal research are eligible to apply, with the exception of those who will graduate fall quarter 2020 or winter or spring quarter 2021.
Nomination period: Nominations began on Friday, October 18, 2019.
Nomination deadline: Completed applications and faculty reference letter should be uploaded via the form by Monday, November 18, 2019.
Selection criteria
Selection criteria: The importance of the problem being addressed and the clarity of the proposal will be the primary criteria for selection. The qualifications of the team members (e.g., prior experience, relevant coursework), the mentoring plan provided by the supervisor and graduate student, and any additional support to amplify the impact of the research will also be considered.
Selection process: Recipients will be chosen by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean of Physical and Biological
Past recipients


Ingrid Parker, Mentor
Karen Tanner (Graduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
Martin Genova (Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
Joanna Le Tran (Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
Adina Paytan, Mentor
Christina Richardson (Graduate, Earth & Planetary Sciences)
Carolyn Brady (Undergraduate, Earth & Planetary Sciences)
Kaylee Glenney (Undergraduate, Earth & Planetary Sciences)
Matthew McCarthy, Mentor
Natasha Vokhshoori (Graduate, Ocean Sciences)
Alexander Bailes (Undergraduate, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
Laurel Teague (Undergraduate, Earth & Planetary Sciences)

How to apply

Completed applications and faculty reference letter should be uploaded via the form by the posted deadline. If you have questions, please contact Paula Schneider.

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