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Postdoctober 2022: Featuring Dr. Xinting Yu and Dr. Giordon Stark

Postdoctoral scholars at UC Santa Cruz participate in cutting-edge research while in this ultimate phase of their academic training. During this month of October 2022, UCSC celebrates postdocs’ contributions to and enrichment of our campus with Postdoctoberfest! In the Physical & Biological Sciences Division, we’re highlighting the work of Dr. Xinting Yu, a postdoctoral scholar in Earth and Planetary Science who focuses on characterizing and understanding planetary materials using experimental science techniques.

EPS grad student wins Best Overall Presentation at the 2021 Graduate Research Symposium

Colleen Murphy, a graduate student in Earth and Planetary Sciences, won the grand prize of $1000 for her video, “Sluggish Slides: Why Some Landslides Never Pick Up the Pace.” Another Science Division student, Lourdes “Lulu” Martinez Estevez, won “Best of the PBSci Division” for her presentation, “Spatial ecology of hawksbill sea turtles in the Gulf of California.”

Evidence supports ‘hot start’ scenario and early ocean formation on Pluto

The accretion of new material during Pluto’s formation may have generated enough heat to create a liquid ocean that has persisted beneath an icy crust to the present day, despite the dwarf planet’s orbit far from the sun in the cold outer reaches of the solar system.

Original story from UCSC Newscenter.