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For undergraduates, the UC Application filing period opens November 1 and closes November 30 each year. Application deadlines for graduate students vary by degree program.

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Undergraduate student admissions to UC Santa Cruz are handled through the University of California’s online application system. Be sure to review the steps you must take, and when, to ensure that your application is considered.
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Graduate student admissions to UC Santa Cruz are administered through our Division of Graduate Studies online application system. Be sure to review the steps you must take and the applicable deadlines to ensure that your graduate program application is considered.
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Why study Science at UC Santa Cruz?

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More Hands-On Learning Experiences

Studies conducted by our own UC Santa Cruz scientists have shown that early field courses and research opportunities help STEM students complete their degrees, and we have emphasized this type of hands-on learning in our curriculum. Almost 80% of our life & physical science students complete a research project as a part of their coursework, a higher percentage than science students at any other UC school (UCOP data).

Read about our undergraduate course in the Arctic.

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Strong Focus on Student Success

Having mentors and strong community support is vital to success in the sciences, particularly for our first-gen and underrepresented students. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive and supportive environment to encourage students to stay in STEM. Some of the notable STEM-specific support resource at UC Santa Cruz include our STEM Diversity Research Programs, our Academic Excellence Program, and our STEM Hub.

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Internship and Career Opportunities

Our close proximity to multiple natural reserves, government and non-profit research centers, and of course the famous Silicon Valley, provides students with unprecedented opportunities for internships and networking. Whatever your chosen career path, you will be able to find numerous mentors both at UC Santa Cruz and our partner institutions and make connections that will serve you throughout your professional journey.

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