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Earliest, most distant galaxy discovered with James Webb Space Telescope

May 30, 2024 An international team of astronomers today announced the discovery using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) of the two earliest and most distant galaxies yet confirmed, dating back to only 300 million years after the Big Bang.

New study discovers tiny target on RNA to short-circuit inflammation

May 24, 2024 UC Santa Cruz researchers have discovered a peptide in human RNA that regulates inflammation and may provide a new path for treating diseases such as arthritis and lupus.

Sea otters use tools when feeding to survive a changing world

May 16, 2024 Sea otters are one of the few animals that use rocks and other objects to access their food, and a new study has found that individual sea otters that use tools—most of whom are female—can eat larger prey and reduce tooth damage when their preferred prey becomes depleted.

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