The UC Santa Cruz Division of Physical & Biological Science is a world-leading public research university with a reputation for instigating some of humanity’s most high-impact discoveries and empowering students with immersive research experiences. We’re composed of three international research institutes, nine academic research departments, and more than 150 research labs, centers, and initiatives.

Global rank for research influence by citation index (2018)

Global rank in space science & astrophysics (2020)

National rank in geophysics & seismology (2018)

Research institutes, centers, and reserve system

The UC Santa Cruz Division of Physical & Biological Sciences has three large international research institutes, a 10,000-acre Natural Reserve System, and multiple research centers dedicated to exploring the fundamental processes that mold our natural world and beyond.

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Research labs & facilities

Some of the most pivotal scientific discoveries during the last 50 years have been made by the UC Santa Cruz Division of Physical & Biological Sciences. Explore our many research labs, facilities, and natural reserves responsible for high-impact training and advancing human knowledge.

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Scientists & researchers

The foundation of the UC Santa Cruz Division of Physical & Biological Sciences is built by high-impact scientists, educators, and science communicators who push the boundaries of human knowledge. Together, we change the way the world teaches science, and we welcome you to connect with us.

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Student research funding & experience

Looking for grants and scholarships, internships, or research projects to get involved in? UC Santa Cruz Science offers immersive student research experiences almost anywhere you can imagine—beneath the oceans, across deep space, into the fabric of life, and beyond.

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