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The UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate Research Database is designed to assist students with engaging in the world-class research accomplished here on campus or other programs or institutions.
Undergraduates from any major at UC Santa Cruz receive funding to conduct research in science or technology. Selected students receive a stipend, and the award covers the costs of equipment, travel, and lab fees.
Provides a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to undergraduate students who intend to pursue careers in these fields.
COSMOS is a four-week summer residential research program for high school scholars with demonstrated interest and achievement in math and science.
CAMINO provides inclusive research opportunities, funding, and community to underrepresented undergraduate students exploring careers in environmental science and conservation.
The annual research awards recognize excellence in demonstrated research and creativity among undergraduate students.
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These state-funded, merit-based fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to doctoral graduates who have overcome significant social or educational obstacles to achieve a college education, and whose backgrounds equip them to contribute to intellectual diversity among the graduate student population.
The program exposes early-career college students to the field of environmental conservation through field research, leadership, and professional training.
Based in the UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserve System, this research course focuses on field methods, ecology, and conservation equivalent to the content of four on-campus courses.
The Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship in the Physical Sciences is awarded annually alternating between an outstanding undergraduate and graduate student pursuing a degree in the physical sciences. The scholarship fund was established in 1989 upon receipt of a bequest from the estate of William Fridley, a long-time resident of Santa Cruz County.
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FERP internships support the development and maintenance of long-term ecological monitoring of the forest, including growth, recruitment, and mortality of trees, spatial and temporal patterns in understory vegetation, and more.
Activities and opportunities for undergraduate students take place year-round at the reserve, with specific opportunities that change throughout the year based on reserve and staff needs.
This award celebrates and realizes Gordon Smith and his family’s passion for undergraduate studies in marine science by encouraging and supporting undergraduate scholarship in marine sciences.
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The symposium offers graduate students from every division the opportunity to discuss their research with colleagues on campus and with the public.
We are looking for graduate students interested in using cutting-edge science, deep ecological expertise, and science communication to inform policy solutions to our most pressing environmental problems.
We are interested in prospective graduate students who want to pursue research on the process of coevolution, and the ways in which evolving interactions organize biodiversity over broad geographic areas.
We are looking for graduate students who are passionate about protecting biodiversity and ecosystem function with the entrepreneurial drive, intellectual ability, and social skills required to make an impact on conservation.
This award supports undergraduate students engaging in coastal sustainability research at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
The Hardman Native Plant Award is open to all graduate students in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies and recognizes the importance of all botanists who identify with and support conservation biology.
Funded through the National Institutes of Health, IMSD provides students with the opportunity to receive experience in the academic and experimental aspects of biological research.
Our 4-year program will prepare postdocs with the foundation for a successful career in academia by providing rigorous research training in the field of Stem Cell Biology and by imparting mentoring skills that promote inclusive learning environments.
Students will conduct observational, experimental and/or modeling research to address questions that leverage the unique opportunities provided by the University of California Natural Reserve System.
The Jean H. Langenheim Graduate Fellowship in Plant Ecology and Evolution is a merit-based award open to graduate students studying the ecology and evolution of plants at the individual, population, or community levels.
A merit-based award that encourages students pursuing degrees in disciplines related to Earth and marine sciences to gain real-world experience that builds scientific knowledge
This program supports a summer research project by an undergraduate mentored by a graduate student conducting a summer research project in Earth and planetary sciences, ecology and evolutionary biology, chemistry, or related disciplines.
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A faculty-nominated award for graduating seniors who have been accepted to a graduate school and show the most promise in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, or physics.
The Koret Scholarship provides funding for a variety of undergraduate research projects and experiences outside of their regular course schedule and in collaboration with faculty and graduate student mentors.
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LAMAT is an integrated eight-week summer program designed to introduce students to astrophysical research methods and tools through original research projects in computational astrophysics.
UC LEADS scholars embark upon a two-year program of scientific research and graduate school preparation guided by faculty mentorship.
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This award supports research projects in cancer research and will be awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need.
This award promotes and recognizes outstanding undergraduate research in all areas of marine biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
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We offers research training to participating honors students to help prepare them to compete successfully for entry into graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences.
This award celebrates and realizes Michael Tudor's passion for the natural world by encouraging and supporting undergraduate scholarship in ecology and evolutionary biology.
A collaboration between UC Santa Cruz CSPP and seven Monterey Bay area academic campuses, we provide professional development opportunities to prepare future ocean leaders for interdisciplinary, real world problem-solving.
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The Natural Reserves System Field Science Fellowship provides financial support for hands-on UC undergraduate research conducted at one of the NRS reserves, under the guidance of a faculty scientist.
We’re interested in Ph.D. or M.S. students in ocean sciences with strong quantitative skills. If you’re an undergraduate interested in research experience, there may be summer internship opportunities.
PREP provides underrepresented groups who have recently obtained their bachelor’s degrees with intensive research experience. The program’s goal is to strengthen participant’s candidacy for admission to the nation’s strongest Ph.D. programs, and prepare them to earn Ph.D. degrees in the biomedical sciences.
This award celebrates and continues the Sooy’s long commitment to the understanding and conservation of the Northern Elephant Seal, by encouraging and supporting scholarship on marine mammals.
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We are looking for motivated AAUS certified scientific divers to help us conduct kelp forest community surveys around the Monterey peninsula. Contact Emily Saarman (esaarman@ucsc.edu) for details.
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Assist in collecting juvenile and adult rockfish, taking fin clips for genetic analysis, and maintaining collection devices for juvenile fishes. Contact Emily Saarman (esaarman@ucsc.edu) for details.
The Richard Libby Award supports students who are participating in undergraduate research that incorporates mathematics and visualization of complex data.
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This scholarship is intended to reward the most promising young physicists while also honoring Ron’s vision of providing greater access to quality college education.
SIP is a summer-long (10 week) research internship program for high-school students in STEM fields.
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Become a part of our team of school programs instructors who teach engaging, hands-on, marine-science activities to visiting school groups in our seawater and teaching labs.
We study small mammal population dynamics on three UCSC Natural Reserves. Undergrads work with grad students and reserve staff while learning field techniques and practice writing a grant proposal.
This award recognizes the most outstanding undergraduate research project chosen from recipients of the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Award.
The mission of SPHERE is to increase the number and diversity of high school students who participate in authentic STEM research by creating a network of programs that share best practices.
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Students participating in the SRE program work with UCSC's faculty in their labs to gain valuable lab experience, while being introduced to the theoretical and practical aspects of laboratory research.
We provide first generation under represented students students with 8-week long lab internships to grow academically and develop professional skills.
This Physical & Biological Science Summer Research Symposium offers STEM students the opportunity to discuss their research with faculty, peers, and the public.
We provide undergraduate students, especially those enrolled in community colleges and four-year non-PhD granting institutions, with a comprehensive summer program in state-of-the-art materials science.
This UC Santa Cruz Undergraduate Research Symposium offer STEM students the opportunity to discuss their research with faculty, peers, and the public.
We are looking for undergraduates interested in researching novel antimicrobials and the elucidation of how pathogens sense the host tissue environment to control virulence.
Named for former director Albert Whitford, is awarded to the UC Santa Cruz Astronomy & Astrophysics graduate student who attains highest achievement in research, coursework, teaching, and the preliminary exam.
This award provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in marine sciences with demonstrated academic ability and financial need.
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WEST fosters collaboration between transfer students and actively engages participants in the critical-thinking skills of research through hands-on workshops while helping build a community of STEM transfer students.