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2022-23 call for applications

The Kathryn D. Sullivan Award in Earth & Marine Sciences is designed to encourage undergraduate student research for those pursuing degrees in disciplines related to Earth and marine sciences from a variety of perspectives: biological, physical, chemical, etc.

Amount & use
Award amount: $3,000

How the award may be used: Award funds should be used to gain real-world experience that builds scientific knowledge while shaping a broad understanding of environmental stewardship and policy issues. Among the ways the award recipients can use the funds are to participate in laboratory or field research or to attend conferences or engage in other professional development activities.

Eligibility & Requirements
Any undergraduate registered and enrolled at UC Santa Cruz who is in good academic standing, is pursuing a degree in a related discipline, and will not graduate before the project is completed.

To apply you must have a UC Santa Cruz faculty sponsor for a project to be conducted between now and the end of summer quarter 2023, and that sponsor must complete an online recommendation for your project. If you have questions, please contact Science Awards.

All award recipients will be required to provide a handwritten or typed thank you note and complete a questionnaire for stewardship purposes and may be asked to participate in other recognition-events. If for any reason you are not able to participate in the recognition activities outlined above, we will work with you on an alternative.

All materials are due by the end of the day on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

Awards announced on Thursday, December 22, 2021.

Selection criteria
Selection criteria: The award is made based on academic merit, with a preference for upper-division students who have declared a major and achieved distinction in their chosen major. Proposals will be evaluated based on the quality and strength of the written research proposal, the feasibility of the project or activity to be supported, the quality of the faculty recommendation, and the applicants’ overall grades.

Selection process: The Physical and Biological Sciences Undergraduate Award Committee, composed of faculty in the Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, will review the application materials, rank each proposal, and select the award recipient.

Past recipients


Noah Brigham (Earth & Planetary Sciences)


Luis Bautista (Physics)


Samuel Rapp (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)


Paul Colosi (Earth Science)


Draven Hawk (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)

How to apply
Completed applications and faculty reference letter should be uploaded via the form by the posted deadline. If you have questions, please contact the dean’s office at Science Awards.

The online application form asks for a description of your project or the activity to be supported in 500 words or less. The application requires a recommendation from your faculty sponsor, which you should obtain by sending them the faculty recommendation form link. Before you submit your application online, please make sure you have completed your project proposal and have secured your faculty sponsorship.

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