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Molecular Diagnostic Lab

Proudly doing our part to increase COVID-19 diagnostic testing capacity in Santa Cruz. Effective May 1, 2020, the lab is approved as a temporary testing site by the California Department of Public Health under CLIA certificate of accreditation – CDF-00002057, CLIA # 05D0687329.

Sinsheimer Labs

The Sinsheimer facility supports research offices and highly specialized laboratories and cleanrooms customized for molecular biology, chemistry, toxicology, and biomolecular engineering research.

Greenhouse Facilities

The greenhouse facilities provide research and instructional support for plants used in ecology and evolutionary biology, molecular, cellular and developmental biology, and environmental studies.

UCO Observatory Laboratories

The UCO laboratories host a collection of technical and mechanical manufacturing tools for the production of instruments, electronics, adaptive optics, and components used in the world’s most powerful satellites and telescopes.

MEGAMER Facility

The facility offers instrumentation and support for scientists who require methods and instrumentation to collect real-time microbial, environmental, and genomics data from the ocean via remote processing and sensing.

Marine Analytical Laboratory

The plasma laboratory hosts scientific instrumentation and consultation to support research in marine-related research. Major equipment includes chromotography and spectrometer systems, carbon and nitrogen analyzers, and fluorometers and nutrient analyzers.

X-Ray Laboratory

The laboratory offers state of the art diffraction instrumentation for detailed structural analyses utilizing single crystal, powder and thin film diffraction techniques.

NMR Facility

The facility manages three high resolution NMR spectrometers engaged in structural elucidation of anticancer natural product isolation from marine organisms, organic intermediates for drug synthesis, and more.

Stable Isotope Laboratory (SIL)

The SIL laboratory provides a suite of spectrometers and databases that support isotopic analyses for a wide range of research disciplines, including oceanography and earth science, paleontology, anthropology, ecology, and biochemistry.

Microscopy Facility

The facility serves our biological research community, providing personalized assistance on various aspects of imaging, from experimental design to training on the shared microscopes to image analysis.

Chemical Screening Center

The center hosts ~55,000 compounds from commercial sources and natural products dedicated to human health and finding the next generation of therapeutic agents against a wide variety of diseases.

Campus Natural Reserve

The reserve supports hands-on education, research, and stewardship on 410 acres of protected land. Projects include ecological monitoring, forest ecology research, and land management.

Laboratory for Adaptive Optics (LAO)

The LAO laboratory enables research, development, assembly, and deployment of adaptive optics systems for the next generation of high-resolution astronomy instrumentation on the world’s largest telescopes and complex satellites.

Other Worlds Laboratory (OWL)

The OWL laboratory is a new research initiative that seeks to understand Earth’s place in the diversity of our solar system using state-of-the-art techniques to find planets around other stars (“exoplanets”).