X-Ray Laboratory

The laboratory offers state of the art diffraction instrumentation for detailed structural analyses utilizing single crystal, powder and thin film diffraction techniques.

NMR Facility

The facility manages three high resolution NMR spectrometers engaged in structural elucidation of anticancer natural product isolation from marine organisms, organic intermediates for drug synthesis, and more.

Stable Isotope Laboratory (SIL)

The SIL laboratory provides a suite of spectrometers and databases that support isotopic analyses for a wide range of research disciplines, including oceanography and earth science, paleontology, anthropology, ecology, and biochemistry.

Microscopy Facility

The facility serves our biological research community, providing personalized assistance on various aspects of imaging, from experimental design to training on the shared microscopes to image analysis.

Chemical Screening Center

The center hosts ~55,000 compounds from commercial sources and natural products dedicated to human health and finding the next generation of therapeutic agents against a wide variety of diseases.