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Bob Garrison Outstanding Ocean Science Student Award

Your gift honors the memory of a founding science faculty member who helped make UC Santa Cruz a science powerhouse and a supportive incubator of student excellence. The annual Garrison award recognizes Ocean Sciences graduate students who have shown exceptional scholarship and service, either through their teaching or community outreach.

Greenhouse Fund

Your gift supports rich experiential learning and research opportunities for students in the biological sciences. Our instructional greenhouses host over 5000 students each year for hands-on activities exploring an alluring botanical collection. These opportunities change lives and potentially our planet for the better by inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Holly Day Barnett Award

Your gift supports an undergraduate Earth sciences major who demonstrates ability and enthusiasm in applying science to present environmental issues, shows leadership and character in non-academic activities, and enjoys the outdoors.

J. Casey Moore Fund

Your gift supports thesis-related research by graduate students in our Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences and honors one of the department’s most influential and inspiring faculty members, J. Casey Moore.