Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

METX Diversity & Inclusion Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the METX Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to promote access, equity, and excellence within the METX department. The Committee, comprised of two METX faculty members and two graduate students, aims to work with the METX community to:

  1. Identify diversity and inclusion strengths and weaknesses
  2. Develop passive and active opportunities for improvement
  3. Enhance the effectiveness of these opportunities to promote inclusivity in our diverse department

The overall goal of the Committee is to:

  1. Bring awareness to the METX community about concerns surrounding diversity and inclusion in our society and the scientific community
  2. Offer career development opportunities to trainees within the METX department
  3. Work to address equity and inclusion issues that impact our scientific community
METX has always made an effort to include a diverse set of speakers for our seminar series. In addition to outstanding research, these speakers help illustrate a wide variety in the backgrounds of successful scientists. Expanding on this, METX has committed to a series of seminars (occurring at least once per quarter) with speakers that do research on diversity, equity, inclusion and social disparities. The objective is to openly discuss the existing systemic diversity gaps, learn about the type of research that is being done in that regard, and discuss how we, individually and collectively, can contribute to creating a better environment with equal opportunities for everybody.

In consultation with our students and campus, METX will be offering a number of workshops for students, faculty, and the entire METX department focused on increasing our understanding and commitment to diversity and inclusion. As these occur, notifications will be sent to the relevant parties.