Undergraduate Programs

The Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology Department offers a select number of undergraduate courses to prepare and attract promising undergraduates for advanced studies in microbiology and environmental toxicology or health-related disciplines. Students interested in microbiology and environmental health should major in a field such as biology; marine biology; molecular, cell, and developmental biology; biochemistry; chemistry; Earth sciences; engineering; or environmental studies while taking microbiology and environmental toxicology electives.

In addition, the program provides unique opportunities for exceptional sciences undergraduates to conduct research in the labs of faculty within the Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology Department. These opportunities are limited to students who have demonstrated their potential in undergraduate courses in the basic sciences and environmental health. With department approval, these undergraduates may also take graduate courses in microbiology and environmental toxicology. Contact individual faculty for more information.

Class Schedule

Degree Programs