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The Ocean Sciences Department offers both Master of Science and Doctorate degree programs. The graduate programs in Ocean Sciences are designed to prepare students for careers in research, teaching, and other environmentally related endeavors. The graduate programs encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches, and are designed to support and promote diversity, equity and inclusion. From faculty training to peer mentoring and other programmatic elements, we are dedicated to fostering the success of all students in our program.

The fundamental requirement for admission to the program is substantial evidence of superior scholarship and aptitude for original research. Preparation for admission to the graduate program in Ocean Sciences should comprise an undergraduate degree in the discipline of one of the program specialty areas (e.g., Biology or Marine Biology, Geology or Earth Sciences, Chemistry, or Physical Science) or an equivalent background. If a student does not have a degree in one of these areas, the student must demonstrate that they have taken the classes necessary to do their research. The prerequisites for entering either the Master’s or the Ph.D. programs are a minimum of two quarters or two semesters in each of the following: a calculus series, chemistry, biology and physics. In addition, one course in each of the following is required: earth sciences or geological principles; and statistics or biostatistics.

Details regarding admission, graduate standing, financial aid, examinations, and the requirements for the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees are available from the Division of Graduate Studies.

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