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Christopher A Edwards

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Amy Kornberg
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Sandra de Lenferna
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Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Assistant Professor of Ocean Sciences Claudie Beaulieu
My research is interested in quantifying ocean and climate variability and change through advanced statistical tools.
I use ocean models to investigate dynamics of the coastal ocean, including the physical circulation, ocean ecosystem processes, and mechanisms for larval transport with implications for marine population connectivity.
I primarily study how interactions between physical, biological and chemical processes shape the response of coastal marine ecosystem from planktonic organisms to mid and higher trophic level species.
I’m a quantitative ecologist using data science, modeling, and synthetic approaches to solve interdisciplinary environmental problems, particularly in the sea.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Associate Researcher of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Ari Friedlaender
I am focused on using new biotelemetry technology to understand the underwater behavior and ecology of marine mammals.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Ocean Sciences Raphael Kudela
My research is focused on phytoplankton dynamics in the Eastern Pacific Ocean coastal region and finding new applications for remote sensing technology.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Associate Professor of Ocean Sciences Phoebe Lam
I am a chemical oceanographer who studies the role of marine particles in the cycling of carbon, nutrients, and trace elements and isotopes in the ocean.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Associate Professor of Ocean Sciences Carl Lamborg
My research investigates the biogeochemistry of mercury and other trace metals in the ocean, land, and cryosphere at a variety of time and space scales.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Ocean Sciences Matthew McCarthy
I use of amino acids and other nitrogen-containing biomarkers to study open ocean and hydrothermal sea floor ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles.
My research involves ocean circulation modeling, data assimilation, and ocean prediction.
Dr. Moreno is a marine biogeochemist who studies the interactions between phytoplankton and nutrients, with strong emphasis on oxygen and carbon. In her interdisciplinary lab, she utilizes lab experiments, field work and models to quantify the impacts from natural and climate change factors on global oxygen and its impact on the ecosystem as a whole.
I study how the water cycle, temperature, oceans, and vegetation responded to past climatic change, particularly warm periods in Earth’s history, using molecular and isotopic analyses of marine and terrestrial sediments.
My research interests are stable isotope ecology, food web dynamics and anthropogenic contaminants, ecology of marine birds and mammals, and marsh ecology
I study stable isotope geochemistry, paleoceanography, and paleoclimatology.
My research interests include understanding the environmental factors driving the diversity, biogeography and activity of marine nitrogen-fixing microbes.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Ocean Sciences Jonathan Zehr
My research focuses on how microorganisms control the availability of nitrogen, a critical element in all life as we know it.
Affiliate & Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
  • Michael W Beck
  • Director, Center for Coastal Climate Resilience & AXA Chair in Coastal Resilience
Affiliate Faculty
  • Donald R Smith
  • Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, Distinguished Professor
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