COVID and the road ahead

Can we safely visit our aging parents or grandparents after they are vaccinated? Can the vaccines protect us against the troubling new COVID variants that are arising around the globe? UC Santa Cruz infectious disease expert A. Marm Kilpatrick explored these pressing issues during a Zoom-based lecture on COVID.

Pandemic Stories: Adapting physics labs in the time of COVID-19

Jason Nielsen, professor of physics, shares how our Department of Physics has adapted to instructing lab courses online while still providing a highly interactive student experience.

UC Santa Cruz scientists to provide rapid COVID-19 testing by end of month

While doctors and nurses treat COVID-19 patients on the front lines, behind the scenes scientists are working hard in their labs to come up with ways to battle the pandemic. A team of UC Santa Cruz scientists are targeting high capacity coronavirus diagnostic testing with 24-hour turnaround that will meet the needs of community in the County of Santa Cruz.
Original story from KSBW.