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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UCSC is an inclusive, supportive, and innovative community whose common goal is to create new chemical knowledge and to mentor the best and brightest students who will define the next frontiers of chemical science. As chemistry is central to modern science and is crucial to creating new knowledge and improving human experiences, we are committed to delivering quality education in our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and to groundbreaking research in biomedical and materials science.

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The latest high-impact science in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Molecular interactions drive the biological clocks in our cells, synchronizing our bodies with the 24-hour cycle of night and day. Certain mutations can shorten clock timing, making some people extreme “morning larks” because their internal clocks operate on a 20-hour cycle. (Image created by Jonathan Philpott with Bing Image Creator)

Study reveals key molecular interaction that sets the timing of our biological clocks

New findings point toward a promising target for the development of therapies for sleep disorders, jet lag, and other effects of clock disruption

The Chemical Screening Center’s new equipment includes an extremely fast high-resolution confocal microscope to acquire high-content image data for rapid screening of live cells. (Photo by Elena Zhukova)

UCSC Chemical Screening Center symposium features drug discovery talks

The center will hold a Grand Reopening Celebration and Research Symposium on Friday, May 5, marking a major upgrade with new state-of-the-art equipment

NIH grant funds research on a powerful new approach to drug development

NIH MIRA grant funds biochemist Scott Lokey’s efforts to develop complex, membrane-permeable molecules as next-generation therapeutic agents