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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UCSC is an inclusive, supportive, and innovative community whose common goal is to create new chemical knowledge and to mentor the best and brightest students who will define the next frontiers of chemical science. As chemistry is central to modern science and is crucial to creating new knowledge and improving human experiences, we are committed to delivering quality education in our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and to groundbreaking research in biomedical and materials science.

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Save the Date: Bunnett Symposium

The Bunnett lecture series is hosted annually by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in honor of Professor Emeritus Joseph Bunnett.

This year, the lecture features Prof. Roald Hoffmann and will be held online at 4:00 PM on April 22, 2022.

An illustration of a peptide formation

Mirror-image peptides form ‘rippled sheet’ structure predicted in 1953

A UCSC team obtained an x-ray ‘snapshot’ of a novel protein structure with potential applications in biomedicine and materials science

Text Reads: Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers 2021

List of most highly cited researchers features 20 UCSC scientists and engineers

Chemistry and biochemistry professors Shaowei Chen and Yat Li, former chemistry graduate student Yichuan Ling, and astronomy and astrophysics scientists Jonathan Fortney, Garth Illingworth, and Rychard Bouwens were among the most cited researchers of 2021.