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Photo of Alex Ayzner in front of two redwood trees. Lab windows are visible in the background.
I am a physical chemists interested in understanding the influence of molecular and macromolecular structure of small-molecule and polymeric organic semiconductors on the efficiency and dynamics of light harvesting.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Ilan Benjamin
My research is focused on the theoretical study of the microscopic dynamics of chemical reactions in the condensed phase. This includes chemical reactions in bulk solution and at surfaces.
Portrait of Rebecca in the redwoods
My research team uses synthetic organic chemistry to develop strategies to upcycle post-consumer PVC, to harvest the carbon atoms locked in this plastic waste by converting them into feedstock chemicals, while valorizing end-of-life PVC to prevent it from being landfilled or contaminating the environment.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Shaowei Chen
I research functional nanomaterials and develop new electrochemical energy technologies.
Photo of Professor Eroy-Reveles
My focus is in chemistry education, particularly developing engaging and supportive learning environments for large enrollment courses that increase the performance and retention of historically underrepresented students in STEM.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Ted Holman
My research team investigates how lipoxygenases are involved in inflammation. Specifically, we interrogate the mechanism, inhibition, and lipidomics of lipoxygenase activity to develop therapeutics for stroke, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.
Portrait of Timothy Johnstone
My research exploits the unique reactivity of inorganic compounds, particularly those from the p-block of the periodic table, to combat human illness and disease.
Professor Kerstiens in front of redwood trees
My research is in the area of chemistry education, working to improve general chemistry curricula and teaching practices. I am interested in making chemistry accessible, inclusive, and applicable for students through both course content and classroom environment.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Yat Li
I design and develop novel materials for applications in catalysis, energy conversion, and energy storage.
I study the structure and function of RNA-protein complexes, electron cryo-microscopy, biochemistry and biophysics, image processing.
Photo of Scott Lokey in front of redwood trees
Many drug candidates are limited by their inability to cross biological membranes. My research uses natural products as guides in the design of complex, membrane-permeable molecules as next-generation therapeutic agents.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry John MacMillan
I research and discover natural products from bacteria with promising biological activity. I utilize the microbial and chemical diversity of marine habitats and information-rich screening to integrate chemistry and biology.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Shaun McKinnie
My research uses a combination of synthetic organic chemistry, enzyme biochemistry, and microbial genetics to understand how bacteria, plants, and other organisms make biologically active and potentially therapeutic molecules.
My research bridges organic synthesis, continuous directed evolution, and chemical and molecular biology to discover proteins that bind and transform small organic molecules.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Glenn Millhauser
I use biophysical methods to study neurological proteins, their cofactors, and how misregulation contributes to disease.
My research group focuses on environmental applications of materials. We are developing new materials for cleaning polluted water, recycling plastic and reducing energy consumption through new catalysts.
Photo of Carrie Partch in front of a building surrounded by trees
I seek to understand the molecular basis of biological timekeeping by studying circadian rhythms from a diverse array of organisms. We use biochemistry, structural biology, and cell-based approaches to study protein structure, dynamics, and function.
I study chemical neuroscience using mirror-image peptides and other D-amino acid substitution strategies to create novel structure-function relationships to understand Amyloid Beta toxicity in Alzheimer's Disease.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Seth Rubin
I study biochemical mechanisms underlying control of cancer cell proliferation. My research uses structural biology, biochemistry, and cell biology approaches to understand protein function and regulation.
Laura Sanchez in front of redwood trees
I study mass spectrometry, small molecule communication, natural products, microbial communities, cancer
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My research focuses on RNA structure, catalysis, and the origin of life.
My research is focused on improving undergraduate organic chemistry education through the development and implementation of student-centered pedagogies.
My laboratory uses biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, proteomics and genomics to characterize nuclear proteins interacting with histones, uncover mechanisms of histone turnover and identify enzymes engaged in histone degradation.
My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of telomere length control using single molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer (smFRET) and micro-manipulation techniques, such as magnetic trapping.
I study electronic structures of materials and how they interact with light using theoretical tools. My research focuses on the development of ab initio quantum chemistry methods for large systems, especially periodic solids, as well as their applications in drug development, renewable energy, and catalysis.
Professor Zhang standing outside in front of trees.
I design, synthesize, and study novel nanostructured materials for energy conversion and biomedical applications using ultrafast laser and other techniques.
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  • Holger Schmidt
  • Distinguished Professor, Narinder Kapany Chair of Optoelectronics
Photo of Phil Crews standing outside in sunglasses and a cap.
My research is on novel biologically active molecules from marine invertebrates and marine derived microorganisms. We discover chemotypes that are the basis for the design of new medicines to treat human diseases.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Research Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry David Kliger
My research involves time-resolved spectroscopy and polarization spectroscopies to study mechanisms of protein folding and function, and applying them to a wide range of photochemical, photophysical, and photobiological problems.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Pradip Mascharak
My bioinorganic research group is interested in the roles of metal-containing active sites of metalloenzymes and in design and applications of metallodrugs in tackling infection, inflammation, and malignancies.
Portrait of UC Santa Cruz Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Bakthan Singaram
My work focuses on the chemistry of metals and metal hydrides. I’m specifically interested in developing green chemistry for carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and the reduction of functional groups.
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